About KIIT Student Activity Centre

KIIT Student Activity Centre aims to bring all the students of the University under one roof with the objective of establishing a common ground for extracurricular activities as well as providing a platform for sharing of talent, culture and innovative ideas. The foremost objective of it is to create enthusiasm among students regarding communication in distinguish aspects and presentation skills. Students at KSAC learn to have holistic growth in not only academics and extracurricular but as a good human being.



The counselling section provides professional counselling and psychological boosting which include evaluation and therapy for a wide variety of personal situations. These range from adjusting to new environment, significant depression, anxiety, anger trauma, Interpersonal problems and other difficulties. Counselling service is rendered by a staff counsellor, a professional psychologist.

He/she works in close co-ordination with the faculty advisors nominated by head of departments of different schools. Faculty advisors help, advice and guide the students with respect to academics and other issues. It helps the students to solve their academics and personal problems and responds to all correspondence concerning them. The major task undertaken by the counsellor is to make sure that the new entrants feel comfortable in the new ambience. While the faculty advisors/tutor mentors monitor the student activities and identify the students who need a special counselling, CS provides those students who all are academically deficient or emotionally distressed for academic or non-academic reasons. Sometimes special cases are referred to professional psychiatrists.

Grievance Redressal Forum for Women (GRFW): GRFW is formed consisting of Ms. Saswati Bal, President KIIT society as its chairperson and Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini, Director Student Services as the Convenor. Three other members representing various walks of life are also a part of this forum. This forum addresses the grievances of the personnel irrespective of gender bias. Subcommittees have been constituted in each school consisting of a lady and a gent faculty. The subcommittee refers to the Convenor according to the seriousness of the complaint.