Name of Society Contact Person Contact No. Email Id
Convener of all the Societies Dr. (Mrs) Sucheta Priyabadini, Director SS 9937220209 [email protected]
Robotic Society Prof.Tushar.Singh (ETC) 8594967390 [email protected]
Quiz Society (Qutopia) Prof. Shradha Padhi (KSOM) 9938658858 [email protected]
Prof.Gargi Banerjee (KSOM)
8908842180--7044515435 [email protected]
Literary (Debate) Society (Kronicle) Dr. Khushi Pattanayak (Languages) 9040059570 [email protected]
Dr.Deepanjali Mishra (Humanity & Social Science) 9437837269 [email protected]
Prof. Siddharth Das (Law) 8763782795 [email protected]
Prof.Jinia Kundu (Law) 7205615761 [email protected]
Writing (magazine) Society ( Wordsmith) Dr.Deepanjali Mishra (Humanity & Social Science) 9437837269 [email protected]
Prof. Siddharth Das (Law) 8763782795 [email protected]
Dr. Khushi Pattanayak (Languages) 9040059570 [email protected]
Prof.Mohar Banerjee Biswas (KSOM) 9583557508 [email protected]
Model United Nation (MUN) Prof. Jinia Kundu (Law) 7205615761 [email protected]
Kalakar(Dramatic Society) Prof. Arindam Basak (Electronics) 9938557233 [email protected]
Prof. Tanmay Swain (Comp.Sc) 9437389858 [email protected]
Kreative Eye (Photography Society ) Prof. Deep Mukherjee (ETC) 8093871271 [email protected]
Prof. Ramakant Parida (CSE) 7873561591 [email protected]
Prof.Roshni Pradhan (CSE ) 9439659354 [email protected]
Korus(Music & Dance Society) Prof. Santosh Ku. Nayak(Mech) 9861062351 [email protected]
Prof. Satyadeep Das (Electronics) 9861467424 [email protected]
Prof.Dr.Gargi Dey (Biotech) 9937238440 [email protected]
Prof.Diya Sarakar(Law) 8093618988 [email protected]
Prof.Manisha Manaswini(law) 9437688111 [email protected]
Dr.Tripti Upadhay Pandey(BDS) 8280011257 [email protected]
Prof.Seetal Das (CSE) 9853686633 [email protected]
Automobile Society Dr. Isham Panigrahi (Mech) 9437162857 [email protected]
International Student Society Asst.Prof.Jay Sarraf(CS) 8018336871 [email protected]
Dr.Tripti Upadhay Pandey(BDS) 8280011257 [email protected]
Kartavya(Social Responsibility Society) Prof Pravat Rout (Biotech) 9937689310 [email protected]
Prof. Israj Ali (Electronics) 9040585975 [email protected]
Kamakshi(Women’s Society) Dr. Kajal Parashar (Applied Sciences) 9438730874 [email protected]
Prof. Jinia Kundu (Law) 7205615761 [email protected]
Karma(Society for different abled) Prof. Israj Ali (Electronics) 9040585975 [email protected]
Konnexions(Web & IT Society) Dr.Chittaranjan Pradhan (SCE) 9861397865 [email protected]
Film Society Prof.Sital Das (CSE) 9853686633 [email protected]
Prof. Ajay Mishra (Film) 9861265656 [email protected]
Prof.Sudan Jha(CS) 9937471977 [email protected]
Aeronautics Society(Apogeio) prof.Prakash Ghose (MECH) 8984182951 [email protected]
Keurig (Cooking Society) Dr. Kajal Parashar (Applied Sciences) 9438730874 [email protected]
Prof.Divya Kumari Sharma (CSE) 9658799983 [email protected]
Kzarshion(Fashion Society) Prof. Bauri Raula (Fashion) 9871878881 [email protected]
Kraya(Marketing society) Prof. Sugato Tripathy (Management) 8458045073 [email protected]
Kuber(Finance Society) Prof. K.K.Ray (Management) 9977703739 [email protected]
Khwaab (Art of Giving Society) Dr.Shyam Sunder Behura(BDS) 9178358687 [email protected]
Prof. Satyadeep Das (Electronics) 9861467424 [email protected]
Prof.Jay Saraf (CSE) 8018336871 [email protected]
Khwahishein (Hindi Society) Dr. Kajal Parashar (Applied Sciences) 9438730874 [email protected]
Kimaya (Medical Society) Dr. Siddhartha Sahu (BDS) 9938747770 [email protected]
Dr.Vikas Gurbani (BDS) 7507828000 [email protected]
Dr.Shyam Sunder Behura(BDS) 9178358687 [email protected]
TedX Prof. Shradha Padhi (KSOM) 9437010209 [email protected]
Prof. Amiya kumar Dash (CSE) 9658192964  [email protected]
Society for Civil Engineers Prof. (Dr)Kshyana Prava Samal (Civil) 9488819967 [email protected]
Science & Spiritual Prof. Sanghamitra Pattanayak (Law)   [email protected]
K-Konnect (Alumni Student Connect Society) Dr. (Mrs) Sucheta Priyabadini, Director SS 9937220209 [email protected]
HE For SHE Society Prof.Mohar Banerjee Biswas (KSOM) 9583557508 [email protected]
Prof.Bhaswati Sahoo(CSE) 9078973135 [email protected]
E-CELL Prof. Kumar Mohanty (Director- Corporate Relation) 9937220236 [email protected]
Youth Red Cross Prof. Mitul Dutta (Law) 7683933609 [email protected]
Prof. Kumud Malviya (Law) 7683813594 [email protected]
NSS Prof.Dr Sushant Tripathy (MECH) 9937374811 [email protected]
NCC Prof. Tribikram Mohanty (Civil) 9437230562 [email protected]
SPICMACAY Prof. A. Dasgupta(Elect)   [email protected]
Prof. Satyadeep Das (Electronics) 9861467424 [email protected]
ENACTUS Prof.Shradha Padhi (KSOM) 9437010209 s[email protected]
Prof.Devamitra sen (CAAS) 7751078219 [email protected]
Prof.Kaish Q Khan (CAAS) 9861296125 [email protected]
AISEC Prof.Jay Saraf (CSE) 8018336871 [email protected] 
Prof.Saptorshi Das (KSOM) 9432441752 [email protected]
KAEWS ( KIIT ANIMAL & ENVIRONMENTAL WELFARE SOCIETY ) Dr. (Mrs) Sucheta Priyabadini , Director SS 9937220209 [email protected]
Mr. Sarthak Panigrahi , Aerospance Engg. 9090093999 [email protected]