Rules & Regulation

Student Coordinator of the Societies: There will be Student Coordinators for each society. The Coordinator is a student of 2nd or higher year and should have good academic standing without any indiscipline record. They are selected through an interview. The tenure of the coordinator is one year.

Eligibility criteria for student coordinator

  • Coordinator – Final year students
  • Asst. Coordinator – 3rd year students
  • Minimum CGPA-6 & above
  • Experience in organizing mega events in the University
  • No record of indiscipline
  • Achievement in co-curricular and extracurricular activities at state and national events.

Attendance and Participation: Students of 2nd year onward are encouraged to become the member of any of the existing societies according to their interest. They have to attend the society meeting regularly. In case any member is unable to attend such meetings, he or she should inform the Faculty-in-charge prior to the meeting, except in extenuating circumstances.

Removal from the Society: If any student coordinator neglects his or her duties, found responsible for violation of the rules and regulations of KIIT University, accused of action detrimental to the interests of the Organization, he/she   is liable to be removed from the Society.

KIIT Student Activity Centre (KSAC) also hosts many National and International Events, Conferences, working shops, exhibitions etc. for proving students their dream opportunities. The events includes The Annual University Festival- KIITFEST, KIIT International MUN, Pratijja- National Level Debate competition,Udghosh-National level quiz Competition, World Camp, Regional New Year Celebration,Id.Chatt, Ugadi -Tamilnadu New Year celebration, Blood donation Camp, Youth Parliament, Hindi Divas  and many other. It also comes together and celebrates all festivals and awareness campaigns.